Sunday, September 15, 2013

Color Club: The Uptown

So lately I have not been keeping up with the blog world.  My Feedly app (my blog reader of choice!) had like a 1000 blog posts I didn't read.  So I decided to go through some of them.  There was one polish that I had noticed that seemed to be popping up here and there on my favorite blogs:  Color Club The Uptown.  This totally caught my eye because it is a duochrome flakie!!   I love flakies!  Maybe it's a multichrome, I'm not sure because the Color Club website called it a purple flakie.  It is no purple flakie.  It is a purple jelly based polish with an orangey bronze flakie that shifts to gold and green!  Let me tell you this is packed chock full of flakies and you need to be careful to make even coats.  I put too much of a blob of polish on my pointer and it is really dense with flakies.

Here is The Uptown from Color Club's newest Girls About Town Collection.

Bottle shot!  Can you see why I had to get this??

The Uptown layer over Revlon Royal and topped with HK Girl Top Coat

Macro shot!   Eeek!

The Uptown over Revlon Royal mattified!

Macro of the mattified version!

I'm so in love with flakies!!  And this is no exception.  It is like the Fantasy Fire of Flakies!!  What do you think??  Which did you like better glossy or matte?  I think all flakies have a different dimension when matted.

I actually purchased my bottle at because they sell it a little cheaper than the Color Club website.