Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bliss Polish Lyla

I have a new polish to show you from Bliss Polish's Son's of Anarchy collection.  Okay so I do not know anything about Son's of Anarchy, but I do know that this collection is exciting as hell!  Now Lyla must be a sexy lady, because this polish is just so sexy.  It is a berry jelly polish with some shimmer and GOLD FLAKIES!!  Yummy, I love me some flakies.  I used three coats for the pics below!

Lyla with glossy top coat in artificial light. 
Lyla with glossy top coat in natural light.
Macro of Lyla with glossy top coat.
Lyla with matte top coat.
Lyla with matte top coat macro shot!
So I took many photos of Lyla because she is camera shy.  She didn't want everyone to see her sexy beauty without being a tease.  Keep in mind I'm talking about the polish.  :)  So to try to get the flakies to show in their glory I tried different lighting, angles and mattified it!  Hope you enjoyed! 
The Son's of Anarchy Collection will be available for purchase tomorrow!  Please follow Bliss Polish on Instagram for swatches of the complete collection!  They are ahhhmazing!  Shop link!

Polishes were sent to me for review.

Pipe Dream Polish Tomorrow's a Mystery

Another gorgeous Pipe Dream Polish for you today!!  Seriously I just love all of her polishes!  Today I have on Tomorrow's a Mystery.  This polish is "made up of lime green holo, turquoise, and green circle glitters along with several shades of blue and green smaller glitters packed in a deep azure/turquoise jelly base."   Wowza!  When I put this on it was like luxury on my nails.  It seriously looked like I had jewels on my nails.  It was so super sparkly and gorgeous that I couldn't keep my eyes off my nails! 

Tomorrow's a Mystery with Glossy Top Coat
Tomorrow's a Mystery with Matte Top Coat
Tomorrow's a Mystery macro shot
I cannot stress enought about how super sparkly this polish is!  Seriously you could be naked and no one would notice because your nails will steal the show!  You can purchase Pipe Dream polishes on Etsy.  And follow Pipe Dream on Facebook and Instagram for fun updates and beautiful polishes!