Friday, June 28, 2013

Painted Sabotage: Gargle Blaster

I must be on a crazy roll.  Three days in a row?  Whaaaat?  Anyways today is my birthday!  Happy Birthday to me!  I wanted a special mani for my birthday.  I did not want to attempt any crazy nail art because I'm not really good at that and I don't want to stress out with a million failed attempts on my birthday.  Come on now!

For my day I chose the indie brand Painted Sabotage and their ever so popular Gargle Blaster!!!  One day on Instagram Painted Sabotage had a really quick giveaway to IG users who answered a question she had.  I think she picked almost everyone that answered her question and that included me!  She graciously offered to send a bottle of one of her polishes to everyone who won.  Of course silly me I went on her Etsy site and wanted more than one so I got three including Gargle Blaster, which was drool worthy for me!   I don't know why I waited so long to try this.  I kept picking it up and putting it back down.  I was waiting for my nails to get longer.  But I kepy cutting them to nubs!  So finally I am putting this gorgeous polish on my nubs! I think it still looks pretty good on my nubs!

The formula was awesome.  This is another indie polish where the base is so thick that the glitters stay suspended.  No additional shaking required.  And no fishing at all!  My brush was packed with all the glitters!  Even though the polish was thick it was not hard to work with.  I used 2-3 coats in the photos below.  Straight from her Etsy shop is the description, "A mint green shade with a slight shimmer, accented with fuchsia, silver and gunmetal glitters!"  This polish is to die for.  Everyone needs this in their life!

Don't mind me, was just trying out different hand poses.  :)  You can buy her polishes at her Etsy shop!  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Display: Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Collection sighting @ Wal-mart

I was so excited because I was shopping at Wal-mart and while checking the polish section I found something fun!!!  :)  Usually my Wal-Mart is super slow at putting up new collections, but today I saw them putting up a new display of nail art products that wasn't already on my radar.  Literally the lady was assembling the display and placing product.  It was for a new collection from the Fing'rs brand called Heart 2 Art.  There was so many new products!   Here are a few things that I spotted.  I felt really weird taking pictures because the lady was still assembling the display and it was in the middle of the walkway at Wal-Mart.  So the pictures are blurry and I missed a lot of stuff too.  I did all this so I could have something to post on here and Instagram!  You're welcome!

They have some nail art tools including that dotting set and a set of nail art brushes too (not shown).  So exciting!  And if you ever wanted to try OPI Spotted they appear to have a dupe of that polish!  
Dotting tool and polish set and a spotted polish set.
Stripping tape, nail stickers, glitter and nail accessories!!!

Nail accessories
Nail art decals.  They had some really cute ones!!

Nail Decals!

Nail Tattoos!  How cool!!

Nail Tattoos!
And polishes!  I thought these were nail art polishes with a striping brush, but they weren't.  Well at least the bottom row wasn't.  And I spotted something interesting in this bunch.  They had awesome looking glitter toppers!  These polishes are on the small side, almost mini, 0.29 fl oz or 8.8 ml.  

These are $1.68 not $2.48.   The accessories under are $2.48 I believe.

These are the polishes I got at Wal-Mart.  I didn't have Sinful Colors Mint Apple and that Salon Perfect Light My Fire looked stunning.  Been seeing a lot of orange with gold shimmer polishes lately and I wanted one too!!!  So the three Heart 2 Art polishes I got were (from L to R) Stop Metalling In My Business, V.I.Purples, and In Mint Condition.  Now Stop Metalling In My Business and In Mint Condition appear to be dupes for Deborah Lippman's Wicked Game and Mermaid's Dream.  Actually I'm not sure about Stop Metalling In my Business being a dupe, it is similar though.  It looks like a grayish green with a purple duochrome polish.   

My Wal-Mart polish haul.

Here is a close up bottle shot of In Mint Condition.  I don't have the Deborah Lippman to compare, but it certainly reminded me of it!  And after bringing this home I googled it and all the pictures make this look like a pretty good dupe.  

Well, I decided to wear it as a mani.  Here is my swatch of In Mint Condition.  This is two coats.  Thinner coats seem to work better with this polish.  What do you all think?  Dupe?  I have looked at a dozen other swatches and this seems a little more dense with blue glitter.  

Swatch of Heart 2 Art In Mint Condition
Confession.  Every time I saw a swatch of this polish I kind of hated it.  There have been some really good swatches that made the DL look kind of nice, but I didn't do that great of a job and I'm still not a fan.  Lol!  The polish hoarder in me just wanted a dupe of a high end polish.  This polish was $1.68!  I don't care that I don't like it! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Color: Spring Equinox

Good Morning!  Yes it is really freaking early in the morning.  I have an indie polish I wanted to share on the world wide web.  I have been really obsessing over Instagram lately and have found so many new indie polish brands because of the community on there.  One of the many I found is Polish Addict Nail Polish.  I have been following this brand for a while now, but never got around to purchasing anything until last month. They were offering a grab bag for $35 + shipping and had a code for $10 off!  I am such a sucker for these types of deals so I had to get it!!!  This is what came in the mail.  4 full size nail polishes, 2 mini polishes, cuticle oil (in mini bottle) and a nail file.

Grab bag from Polish Addict Nail Color

I have been in a polish funk lately, and have been polishing my nails maybe once a week.  One week I had naked nails for the whole week!  Eeeek!  Such a shame since I have amassed such a lovely polish collection.  Then of course when I try to decide what to wear my mind goes blank.  For tonight I picked Spring Equinox.  It is a very pretty pink jelly with a mix of gold and large holographic glitters.  *update: I just saw this polish in natural light and it has small green glitters tooa.  I die!  Love green glitters!  There is also a holographic shimmer in this.  This polish looks so soft and sweet.  Application was great.  Below is three coats.  There is still a visible nail line, but it doesn't bother me so much.  The polish looks beautiful!!

One thing about the bottle that I was impressed with when I grabbed it from my drawer is how suspended all the glitters were.  I did not shake this bottle at all and it has been in my drawer for a few weeks now.  I do notice that most of my other indie glitter bombs have sinking glitter.  So this mean that there was absolutely no fishing required!  Well I didn't fish, but I don't have the large holographic glitters on each nail.  So if you do want that on each nail then you might have to fish.  But I was impressed with my first bottle of this brand! Can't wait to try the rest!!  

You can purchase Polish Addict Nail Color here!  Not sure if this is discontinued because it came in the grab bag, but they have tons of beautiful polishes.