Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sears Clearance

Quick post!  I just got back from Sears and they were having a beauty clearance, so of course I looked straight for the nail polish.  They had a great deal on L'oreal Nail Polish!  I don't have any L'oreal polishes, but always wanted some because the colors look great.  So at $1.50 a pop I got me some!  Woo hoo!  They are usually around $5-$6 each.  And I got a color I've been eyeing for a few months now.

They also had a lot of Nicole by OPI colors on clearance for $4.  And a few Sally Hansen colors (although I didn't see any good ones) for like $1.81. 

They had other beauty items too, but I didn't pay much attention to that.  Sorry.  

Here is my haul!  See that green one on the bottom left?  It's called Safari chic and it had been calling me for a long time.  Everytime I see it, I want it.  And now that it was $1.50 I couldn't pass up the opportunity!  I got a lot of pinks because I realized that while I love pink polishes I only had 1 in my stash!  Yikes!

So check out Sears for clearance deals!  I didn't even realize they had a cosmetics section.  Well their cosmetics section is mostly drug store brands, but it was still pretty vast!  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ross Haul

I love me some Ross!  So many of my friends say that it is so hard to shop there.  They are nutz!  It is just as hard to shop at the department stores or other clothes shops.  Sure you can see the clothes on display, but you get disappointed when your size isn't there.  At Ross you go straight to your size.  You don't have time to get disappointed!  I can't shop anywhere else besides Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Anyways, who knew this was a great place to get nail polish?  I certainly didn't until I started reading all these blogs.  I would hardly ever go to the cosmetics section of the Ross.  Now I hound that place every time I go in!

This is what I got a couple nights ago.  So excited!
Color Club 7pc set  $7.99.

JLB 7pc set $5.99
One thing to be careful of is check to make sure your set has not been tampered with.  Essentially just make sure you don't see the same colors in the packs.  I've seen that happen.  :(  People are so mean sometimes.

I'm excited about my Color Club set.  I've heard of people getting really cool sets, and every time I go I'm disappointed with the Color Club sets that they have, but this time it was pretty cool.  The set says Take a Walk on the Wild Side, but I think I've heard that the name of the sets in Ross are different than the actual sets that were released.  And the names on the packaging is wrong too.   Oh well, these polishes are usually $8 a pop on the Color Club website.  

The JLB nail polish appears to be a cheapie polish, but they looked so beautiful and the bottles were cute too.  I was pretty impressed.  I used one as a manicure the other day and it was so pretty!  The formula was really weird though.  It didn't spread on the nail at all almost like it dried instantly on the nail as you put it on.  But it wasn't dry.  However, the pigmentation was so awesome that it was a one coater!  I did a couple coats on some nails, only because I was thrown by how weird the formula was.  This might be a really good stamping polish.  Will try that out next!

Have you found any treasures at Ross?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

KBShimmer: Hex Appeal

I have another one of my Christmas presents to show!  It is from KBShimmer and it's called Hex Appeal.  Here is a description from their website, "A navy jelly base with magenta holographic, silver, and blue hex glitter. Tiny micro bar glitter adds a bit of pop."

Here I used 4 coats.  It seems like a a lot, well, actually it is a lot, but I liked the look with 4 coats.  After 3 I could still see some slight bald spots in the direct light.  Next time I might use a base color because 4 coats seems like a lot now, Revlon's Royal might be a good choice.  This polish was pretty easy to apply.  It looks really patchy and uneven with the first couple of coats, but it looked really good after 3 or 4.  Glitters applied really easily because this polish is so dense with glitters.  I just love a jelly based glitter bomb!

KBShimmer Hex Appeal

Bottle Shot


*Update:  I used a matte top coat on Hex Appeal and I loves it!
Hex Appeal with NYC Matte Me Crazy on top.

What do you think?  Do you like the glossy or matte look?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Influenster: Ultra Palmolive Fresh Infusions

I received another package from Influenster a couple weeks back.  When they first contacted me and said they were going to send some sort of dish soap, I was like "why because I'm a mom?"  But then I got over it pretty quick, because let's face it I am a mom and I use a ton of dish soap.  I'm not much of a dish washer detergent gal.  Takes too long and I have too many dishes!

I was really surprised at how large the box that came was.   I thought that they were going to give me the $.99 store size Palmolive.  I was really excited at this point!  Look at what I received!

What I received in my box!  3 full size bottles of the Palmolive Fresh Infusions!
Scents:  Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil, Ginger White Tea
So of course I had to try them immediately.  Now I don't know how people normally wash dishes, but I just add some dish soap to my sponge and wash.  But when I see commercials I see people fill up their sink with soap and water and soak their dishes.  So I decided to try to wash my dishes that way.  First I did a load with my go to dish soap, Dawn (the blue one), and then I did a load with Palmolive.  The Palmolive, while it says concentrated, did seem a little thinner than my Dawn.  But it cleaned just as well as my Dawn, no greasy dishes left.  That was a plus.  

While I love the concept of a luxury scented dish soap, I didn't think that most of these really were quite scented enough for me.  I think the best one was the Lime Basil.  It had the strongest scent and it was a nice citrusy scent.  The Lemon Thyme to me smelled like regular dish soap, which isn't bad, just not that special.  It reminded me of a dish soap that my grandmother always used, Sun.  The one I had the most hope for was Ginger White Tea.  Doesn't that sound  fancy?  While it did smell the best to me, it wasn't very strong.  I want my whole kitchen to smell!!!  

The price for these dish soaps on is 2.96 per bottle.  So for the price I think that these are fantastic dish soaps!  It cleans well and the scents are very nice, just not that strong.  I would totally buy these again, when I want to feel a little fancy with my dishes.  ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Darling Diva Polish's Honey Do

Another midnight post!  Tonight I have on Darling Diva Polish's Honey Do.  First of all I just wanted to say that I got my order really quickly, and that made me so happy.  I ordered this on Etsy on Tuesday and it arrived on Friday!  Yowsers!  Currently they are having a sale with promo code 2000LIKES (20% off all orders), promo ends 1/22/2013.  Darling Diva Polish is another indie brand, and I'm on such an indie kick right now!

Honey Do is one of my favorite types of polishes, milky glitters!  This is a sheer white jelly base with pink and green glitters.  Like a watermelon, yum, I want to eat this polish!  It looks so soft and sweet.  You can layer these polishes over a creme base, but I like having 3 or 4 layers on its own to give that suspended look.  This type of polish is a little tricky applying.  I'm still getting use to it since I'm new to indie polishes.  It can get really sticky when applying and the glitters don't always stay where you want them too.  But the end result makes it worth it don't you think?  :)

I just noticed that in my pictures you can see the reflection of the lamp that my son decided to melt erasers on.  There is a large dark spot in the middle.  Sigh...I can't blame him, I did the same things when I was a kid.

Look at how pretty this polish is! 

Close up.  Not very good lighting.
 And you can see the lamp with the burnt eraser.

Bottle shot.  Cute label!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pop Culture Cosmetics' Pink Ladies

Good Evening All.  I'm doing my usual midnight manicure as that is the only time I can do it without being distracted.  :)  Tonight I wanted to show you the brand where I got my first indie polish haul!  It's a company called Pop Culture Cosmetics.  They had such a good Cyber Monday deal that I couldn't pass it up!  And their polishes are so fun!  They have so many different polishes to choose from, most of their polishes seem to be layering polishes.  You could use them on their own, but you would probably have a visible nail line.

I layered Pop Culture Cosmetics' Pink Ladies, which is a light pink polish with white, pink and black glitter, over Spoiled's Plastic Flamingo (can you believe this is my only pink creme polish?).  Next time I think I will do a gray because I want the pink glitters to show.

I'm still tinkering with my photo taking and hand poses.  Hope you like these pictures.

Isn't this such a fun polish?  

Here is a bottle shot of the polish.  It was a mini so I took a shot of the butt of the bottle.  

Close up shot.  A great mix of glitter shapes and sizes. 

Oh by the way they are having a sale right now!  35% off all their polishes!  I just looked and the sale ends tonight.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jindie Nails Stompin' Gilbert Grape

So at first I wouldn't touch an indie polish because I could not figure out why I would spend about $10 a bottle for polish (many indies offer mini sizes for approx half price!).  Now that I crossed that line I can't seem to go back.  And I figure I'm helping the small businesses of America right from my own home!  Right? Also they make polishes that are just so unique and to die for!

Tonight I got my order from Jindie Nails.  I followed Jindie Nails on Facebook because I fell in love with one of their polishes called Candyland.  At the time I just thought I would dream about buying an indie polish so I tortured myself by following all these indie brands.  Then sometime in December I gave in and all hell broke loose and I got tons of indie polishes.  Jindie Nails was closed at this time due to their overwhelming response for the Christmas season.  This made me want it more.  Then they posted that they were reopening sometime after Christmas.  As soon as I saw that I jetted over and got Candyland and a couple others.  One being called Stompin' Gilbert Grapes.  I'm being long winded.  Anyhow, I was so excited about this brand that I had to put it on tonight! So here are my pics.

Here is a shot of the bottle.  Bad lighting.  I apologize.  I got the mini size.

Okay when I first put it on I was disappointed for some reason.  The lighting was probably off in my closet, but now look at that!  So beautiful!  I love the colors.

I'm seriously loving it more and more each second.

Here is a close up.  My fingers look terribly dry.  :(

What do you think?  Is it as lovely as I think?  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joining the Cult, My 1st Cult Nails Order!

So I've been following Cult Nails (an indie nail polish brand), which can be purchased here, for a while and recently saw they were raising prices this year!  I've been dying to get my hands on their fast dry top coat, Wicked Fast because I heard so many good things about it from.  So I caved and finally put in my order for the top and base coat and threw in their glass nail file.  Their shipping was pretty fast.  I believe I got my stuff within a week.

I don't know why I wanted to post about this order, but I really liked the packaging that it came in.  Their shipping rate was $5 per order.  Not too bad especially since it is packaged so nicely, but for nail polish yikes!  That made the $8 nail polish into a $13 nail polish.  So I ordered a few things to make it seem not bad.  What I got was really kind of cool.

Pretty tissue paper, it reminded me of the GlossyBox I received.

Look at how cute everything is all wrapped.  There are the infamous "burritos".  And cotton balls are used as padding so you can reuse them for nail polish removal.
Closer look at the "burritos.  Get it On is the base coat and Wicked Fast is the top coat.

Out of the wrappers!  What I've been waiting for for months!

The glass nail file came in a cute albeit cheap case.  Wish it had some foam inside so the nail file couldn't move around in it.  

Here is the nail file.  Pretty pricey @ $15, but I heard good things about this nail file.  I was expecting more from it.  It is a really fine grit nail file.  It barely feels like it is filing anything down. 

I haven't really fully used anything yet.  I did use the base and top coat on my current mani, but I'm kind of testing it right now.  The nail file seems to have two different grades on it.  It is really fine toward the tip and  toward the bottom, while not at all a rough grit, is a bit rougher.  That is kind of neat.  If I fall in love with the top coat, I will be posting again!