Monday, September 30, 2013

Pipe Dream Polish: The Night's Magic

More Pipe Dream Polish!  Woo hoo!  This one is another beauty and it's called The Night's Magic Glitter. It  is one glitter packed polish.  This is a sheer black jellie based polish with tons and tons of micro holographic flecks and blue and purple sparkly glitters!

I used 3 thickish coats.  The formula was thick, so the only way I could get even coats was to glob it on there but it was easy to manage!

The Night's Magic Glitter with glossy top coat.

The Night's Magic Glitter macro shot.

The Night's Magic Glitter macro shot.  Obsessed with my macro lens.  :)

The Night's Magic Glitter with matte top coat.
I mattified this because I just love to matte all the glitters.  Sometimes it is a huge hit for me.  This time I preferred this manicure with a glossy top coat.  The holo bits seemed to have dulled with the matte top coat. Still beautiful, but glossy is the way to go with this polish!

You can purchase her polishes on Etsy.  And follow Pipe Dream Polish on Facebook and Instagram!  If you like jellie based glitter bombs you will want to buy all her polishes immediately!  

Products were purchased at a discount to provide an honest review.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pipe Dream Polish: Time in a Tapestry

Good Evening!  It's actually evening and not 2am!  Woo hoo!  Today I have an awesome indie brand I wanted to share.  Pipe Dream Polish!  I have been drooling over her polishes for some time.  I have no idea what took me so long to make a purchase because I literally want everything she makes.

Time in a Tapestry is described as a "gold, copper, and brown glitter with gold flakies in a deep teal green base."  Perfect polish for Fall!  

Time in a Tapestry with glossy top coat
Time in a Tapestry with glossy top coat macro.

Time in a Tapestry with matte top coat.
Time in a Tapestry with matte top coat macro.

Isn't this gorgeous?  I had to matte this because I'm in love with mattifying all my jellies and jellie sandwich in a bottle polishes.  You can purchase her polishes on Etsy.  And follow Pipe Dream Polish on Facebook and Instagram for drool worthy updates!

Products were purchased at a discount to provide an honest review.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bliss Polish: Behind Closed Doors Collection

I can't believe Yvette is already launching a new collection!!  She is really pumping them out and I love it!  I'm lucky and proud to be one of her Bliss Babes who gets to swatch her amazing polishes!  Her new collection is called Behind Closed Doors and has some fun names to go with the collection.  :)

Let's get to it!  I have a lot of pics.  This collection all has a suede finish.  It seems that once I put top coat on the polishes my camera freaked out and photographed them all a little brighter, some more than other.  I added a note on those photos that aren't color accurate.

First up is Spank!  Oooh sounds naughty already.  This is a really nice nude color with gold and holographic shimmer.  I love a good nude, and this one is gorgeous!

Spank with sude finish.
Spank with glossy top coat.  Photographed brighter than IRL.
Spank macro shot.  I used a different camera for the macro.  This is more color accurate.
Next is Bite!  This is described as a dark russet red this also has micro holographic glitters.

Bite with suede finish.
Bite with glossy top coat.  This photographed a little brighter than it is.
 The top and bottom photos are more color accurate.
Bite macro shot.

Next we have Tease.  Tease is described as a hunter green with micro holographic glitters.

Tease with suede finish.
Tease with glossy top coat.  Photographed brighter than in IRL.
Tease macro.
Next up is Lick.  Lick is a shimmery deep royal blue with micro holographic glitters.  Wow!
Lick with suede finish.
Lick with glossy finish.
Lick macro shot.
Next we have Please.  My favorite of the collection!  I squee when I see the swatches.  This is a shimmery deep plum with micro holographic glitters.  I love this because you can see a mix of purple and blue shimmer in the polish as you wear it!  

Please with suede finish.
Please with glossy top coat.  See the blue and purple sparkles?  Yummy!
Please macro shot.  
Last but not least we have Cuffed.  This is a grey polish with micro holographic glitters.  This is not available for purchase alone.  If you purchase the complete set of the Behind Closed Doors collection this beauty will be included as a bonus!

Cuffed with suede finish.
Cuffed with glossy top coat.  Photographed brighter than IRL.

Cuffed macro shot.  Color accurate.
What do you think of the Behind Closed Doors collection?  I love them all.  There is honestly not one color I didn't like.  They all looked beautiful.  But hands down my favorite is Please and then Lick.  They are absolutely stunning!  If you'd like more information on how to get your hands on this collection please follow Bliss Polish on Instagram.   And check out her store here.  There are still some polishes from previous collections like The Breaking Bad Collection still available!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Color Club: The Uptown

So lately I have not been keeping up with the blog world.  My Feedly app (my blog reader of choice!) had like a 1000 blog posts I didn't read.  So I decided to go through some of them.  There was one polish that I had noticed that seemed to be popping up here and there on my favorite blogs:  Color Club The Uptown.  This totally caught my eye because it is a duochrome flakie!!   I love flakies!  Maybe it's a multichrome, I'm not sure because the Color Club website called it a purple flakie.  It is no purple flakie.  It is a purple jelly based polish with an orangey bronze flakie that shifts to gold and green!  Let me tell you this is packed chock full of flakies and you need to be careful to make even coats.  I put too much of a blob of polish on my pointer and it is really dense with flakies.

Here is The Uptown from Color Club's newest Girls About Town Collection.

Bottle shot!  Can you see why I had to get this??

The Uptown layer over Revlon Royal and topped with HK Girl Top Coat

Macro shot!   Eeek!

The Uptown over Revlon Royal mattified!

Macro of the mattified version!

I'm so in love with flakies!!  And this is no exception.  It is like the Fantasy Fire of Flakies!!  What do you think??  Which did you like better glossy or matte?  I think all flakies have a different dimension when matted.

I actually purchased my bottle at because they sell it a little cheaper than the Color Club website.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Live Life Polished: Party Girl Rock

Good Morning!  Today I have a very fun and lovely polish on.  It is a brand called Live Life Polished.  Tammy, the owner, was a little late shipping one of my orders and slipped in a couple minis as a sweet apology.   One of the minis I got was Party Girl Rock.  This is a sheer neon purple looking jelly based polish with silver and fuchsia glitters.   Jelly sandwich in a bottle!  Yum!  I was drawn to the color of the base of this polish.  It is so gorgeous!   Bright yet very girly!  I don't see this polish in her shop.   So I have no clue if this is discontinued or never released but it deserved a post.  And lucky you!  Since I'm obsessed with my new macro lens.  You get a macro shot!  Woot woot!

On my iPad this looks different.  On my phone and computer this looks color accurate!
Macro shot.
Please check out Tammy's line of polished at her shop here.  Her polishes are always at a crazy reasonable price.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ninja Polish: Glamorous

Today I have Ninja Polish Glamorous from their Spectrum Collection.  This is supposed to be a dupe of OPI DS Glamour.  I have no clue what that OPI is, but if this is a dupe then OPI Glamour is gorgeous!!!  I had purchased this beauty a while ago and it had been sitting in it's shipping package for over a month.  Sadness!

After I put on this polish I walked to get my acetone to clean it up and the sunlight hit it just right and it just stopped me dead in my tracks.  So freaking gorgeous!  I had to stare for a minute.  The color, the sparkle, the holoness (not a word).  Just beautiful!

All swatches shown are 2 coats of Glamorous.

Whoa!  This is what caught my eye.  Taken in my house where the sun shone through.  

Another shot taken in my house in the sunlight. 

Under artifical lighting.  The holo effect is definitely more visible IRL.
Macro shot under artifical lighting.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you enjoyed everything!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bliss Polish: Breaking Bad Collection

I was asked by a very new indie polish company, Bliss Polish, to swatch her new upcoming collection!  I was so excited that she asked me that I said yes!  She is also a good friend of mine that I met on Instagram.  I was so nervous because I never swatched anything for anyone before.  But this collection is just amazing y'all!

Here is the Breaking Bad Collection!

First up is Cooking!  Cooking is mustard yellow polish with gold shimmer and holo bits.  This polish was a little thick so I added some thinner and it applied beautifully!   I used 2-3 coats.  After all this time I'm still very inconsistent with how I apply my polishes that is why I cannot give a definite answer on how many coats I used.  lol.  I'd say this would be 3 thin coats or 2 medium coats.   Anyways.  I'm always getting off subject.  I love this yellow!  I don't have many yellows in my collection because I don't really like them, but this one was pretty flattering on me.

Next is Chemistry.  This photographed way brighter than it looks in real life.  In real life the color is more muted.  This green has the same gold shimmer and holo bits as Cooking!  This was also a little thick, but some thinner made it perfect!  I really loved the shimmer in this green.  It is very subtle, but makes this a little extra special.  This is also 2-3 coats.

Next is Mr. White.  This is a very pretty white jelly/crelly polish with white glitters, silver holo glitters, and holo glitter bits.  This looked great at 2 coats, but you could definitely see visible nail line, but I really loved it.  For swatching purposed I tried to get it opaque and used 3 coats.  You still see visible nail line on some nails, but I wanted to show the squishiness.  I looooooove jellies and all their squishy glory! 

Next is Crystal Blue Persuasion.  This polish is a baby blue crelly with blue glitters, silver holo glitters and holo glitter bits.  This polish was super packed with glitter!  Glitter was sticking to my brush like their life depended on it.  This was opaque in 3 coats.  

Last in the collection is Jesse Pinkman.  This is a light pink crelly with pink glitters, silver holo glitters and holo glitter bits.  This was my favorite one in the bunch.  This looked great at 1 coat, 2 coats and 3 coats.  This looked so delicate and girly.  I just loved it so much!  Here I swatched it with 3 coats.  In this case the color photographed lighter than the color in real life.  

Did I say that was the last.   I lied.  There is a bonus polish!!!  However this polish is only available if you buy the complete set.  This is Bad Bliss.  This is black jelly polish with various silver holo glitters.  This one is gorgeous and looks like galaxy nails in a botte!  I used three coats.

I hope you liked all my swatches!  This collection will be available on September 6.  Limited quantities will be available.  Please follow Bliss Polish on Instagram here for updates on her launch.  Her store link is here.  Thank you Yvette for letting me swatch these beauties for you!!