Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Here is Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional over Sally Hansen's Wet Cement.  I have one coat of Gelous and one coat of Wicked Fast over this.  I didn't try to fish for the larger Hex glitters in there because I did this while the kids were still up.  Bad idea.  Baby dumped some Wicked Fast out.  My girl smudged a few of my nails and I had to redo them.  This was all because I didn't want to do my normal midnight mani.  Sigh...
I still like this mani a lot though!  What do you think?

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Hard Candy Polish Swatches!

I have been so excited about these polishes.  Hard Candy.  That was like the first polish that I think I pined for.  As a teen I so wanted a little jelly ring that matched my nail polish.  LOL.  I think it was like $10 a pop way back then and you could buy them at Sephora.  I have long since lost my Hard Candy polishes, and have not been able to find the Walmart Hard Candy polishes.  But yesterday my Walmart got the newest display of the polishes and I got six!  I really wanted to get a whole bunch more, but they are a bit pricey.  It is $4 a bottle, but the bottle sizes are smaller.  It is .26 fl oz per bottle.  It is like half of the typical size bottles which are generally .50 fl oz.  

Today is a special post because I did my first ever swatchfest just for the new Hard Candy release.  I don't think I'll do that again.  My pictures are all mismatched.  I have no rhyme or reason to my pictures.  And I did all the pictures outside because I wanted to copy The Polishaholic but it made applying my polish more difficult because it was a bit windy and the polish dried on the brush a little.  And I got sad because I took one picture with my phone and it was better than with my DSLR.  Oh well.  I'll get better one day. ;)

First up is Gummy Green from the Candy Sprinkles line!  I surprised myself and only got one milky glitter.  To be honest I wasn't too impressed when I first saw swatches of the milky glitters.  I didn't like that they used a silver glitter instead of a matte white.  I did like this one though, it is a mint green crelly with a mix of small black and silver glitters.  I actually liked it a lot more after I applied it.  Makes me want to get more from the Candy Sprinkles line.  Two coats for the pics below.

Next is Pee Wee Purple from the Itzy Glitzy line!   I thought this looked like a duochrome in the bottle, but it was hardly visible on the nail no matter how I angled my nails.  It is a beautiful purple glass fleck polish that looked like it had a bit of a golden flash to it.  I don't know, maybe my eyes deceived me?
Doesn't it look like a duochrome?

Now this was weird in the shade it looked like a flash of blue and purple.

In the sun. 
Next is Bity Blue from the Itzy Glitzy line.  This also seemed like a duochrome but really wasn't.  I loved this one.  The color is flashy and a shade of blue that I love!  I had a similar color from Korean brand and loved it so much.  This is a blue glass flecked polish.  I don't know how to explain how this but it glows on the nails.
In the sun.

In the shade.  See how it glows in the shade?

Next is So So Sequin from the Glitteratzi line!  It looks like light pink micro glitters with holographic glitters and larger sized blue hex glitters.  It's a glitter bomb what can I say.  Looks like a full coverage glitter.  I layered it over Pee Wee Purple because I felt like it.  Now I wish I saw what it looked like alone.  Oh well.  Still learning right?
So sparkly and pretty!

Like this picture better but I wanted a bottle shot (see above).  :) 
Look at the holo glitters!  So pretty.  
The final one is Mermaid Magic from the Glitteratzi line.  This is so gorgeous.  It looks like teal micro glitter with larger purple hex glitters.  I layer this over Bity Blue, but honestly I think this overpowered it.  There is no need to layer this over anything.  Two coats and you are good to go.  This is seriously a stunner.
Bottle shot!

In the shade.

In the sun.
Taken from my phone!  Dang it.  Okay the lighting was just nicer here.  But man, this is so much better than all the other pictures.  Lol!

Okay, after I put on Mermaid Magic, I just didn't want to take it off.  So yes I skipped one.  And it looked awesome too.   Here is bottle shot of Black Tie Optional from Crystal Confetti line.  Will swatch someday!  This is a matte black and white glitter bomb!  It looks so dense with glitter.  I swirled the brush in the polish and it was so fun to watch!  There are so many different sized hex glitters and yes there are bar glitters in  there too.  Looks amazing. 

Get thee to Walmart as soon as possible!!!