Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Nails! KBShimmer Band Geek

I always have big plans for my nails, and never actually execute my plans.  Boo.  And I actually planned on trying out some nail art!  But with 3 kids and one being a terrible sleeper, that didn't happen.  I wanted to at least use one of the pretties that my brother got me for Christmas!  He got me 10 KBShimmer polishes!  That was such a surprise!  Even though I gave him a list of the polishes I wanted, I didn't expect him to get almost all of them.  I feel so special!=.

KBShimmer Polish presents!
I absolutely love them all.  But for New Years I chose Band Geek!  It screamed to me New Year's Eve Party!  Even though I'll just be hanging with 6 kids all under the age of 10 tonight.  :D  Good times!  It is a black jelly with tons of silver, gold and copper glitters of all shapes and sizes!

KBShimmer Band Geek.  So pretty!

Close up of my dried up cuticles and nail.
I love this polish!  I'm so excited to try them all.  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

GlossyBox USA December 2012

So My Pretty Paints introduced me to all sorts of things that are getting me into trouble.  She introduced me to the Julep Maven program which is a subscription nail polish service.  And every since I got my introductory $.01 box (you can find codes online) I've been totally into getting subscription beauty boxes.  Birchbox is a big one that almost everyone knows about.  And I wanted to get that one, but there was a waiting list and my ADD wouldn't let me wait.  So I'm currently subscribed to Glossybox and Ipsy.   Glossybox is a suppose to be a high end subscription beauty box with at least 5 deluxe samples and one full size product.

Here is what I got in my December Glossybox.  Last month disappointed me a bit.  This one picked up a little.  Although in both boxes there was always one thing that I love love loved!
Here is what the box looks like.  So pretty and nice quality.
This is what I see when I open it up.

All my goodies!

All my goodies out of the box.  Glossybox to me is a makeup/skincare box, but this month they  included a piece of costume jewelry.  I got a necklace.  

Full size Lipgloss/Lipstick duo with a mirror.  It is a very nice nude shade.  I might actually use this.  It is from Modelco and the value is $39.  Who pays that much for lipstick and lipgloss?  

Glossybox is a little pricey @ $21/month.  However if you add up the cost of all the items included the value of the box is always more than $21.  But keep in mind you did not pick any of this stuff.  So you might hate it all.  It's kind of like playing the lottery.  I'm not a high end makeup girl, so this was my way of getting a sampling of products when I know nothing about them.  There is a card that lists the retail price of all the products in the box and I laugh at the prices because they seem ridiculous.  But maybe I'm just not meant for high end products.      

I'm very lazy and have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to beauty products, so I won't even pretend to review all this.  Just wanted to show my goodies.  I'm very excited about the OC8 Mattifying Gel (full size) though.  I have an extremely greasy face and have recently purchased many primers, mattifying powders and such and none of them are perfect.  So I'm happy to add this to my collection.  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mentality Holo

Quick blog post about a nail polish I just received.  I have been wanting a linear holographic polish for soooo long.  (I think linear holographic polish means that the rainbow reflection creates somewhat of a line in the polish).  *Edit - Don't think this is linear, man I thought I read that it was.  Okay only since I started obsessing over nails, so like since May of this year.  Since following all these amazing nail blogs I have discovered indie polishes.  Many indie polishes are available on the website Etsy.  While browsing nail polishes on Etsy I stumbled across the Mentality Holo a holographic topcoat, which turns any polish into a holo polish!  While this is not the first holographic topcoat I've come across with the indie labels, the price grabbed my attention.  $6.75 shipped!  Most of the polishes I've seen have been at least $8 and no way is shipping included.  (Okay I also did find Jade polish for only $7, but shipping is not included.  That line looks amazeballs though.  According to the Mentality facebook page this price is not going to last and will go up in a couple days, so I'm guess at the start of the New Year.  I'm just excited that I got a bottle.  It is my first linear holographic polish and to me it looks amazing.

Wish I had mad swatching skills...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Influenster Cosmo Vox Box Fall 2012

Hello all!  I am once again starting a new blog.  I have had many numerous blogs with good intentions, but no follow through.  I think that my new blog name describes me perfectly and I feel right at home blogging about whatever random thing I want to blog about here.

So lately I've been really really really into nail blogs.  It was so fun to find out that some of my facebook friends are also into nail blogs.  My facebook friend whom I met while doing our reserve stint in the Marines, My Pretty Paints, has a really awesome nail blog and it was through her blog that I found out about Influenster.

Influenster is a website that sends social networkers (people with a facebook, twitter, youtube, etc) a box full of products to try and tell all their social network friends.  I signed up as soon as I saw her blog post about it.    You can see it here.  She has a great explanation.

Anyways it took me a while, but I finally was eligible for a Vox Box and they sent me a Cosmo Vox box.  I was so stinking excited to get this!  Here is a everything that came in my box.

I got a Gillette Venus Embrace Razor and a Venus and Olay refill.  Something that I absolutely did not know about this type of razor is that even though Gillette makes a ton of different razors all Venus brand razors will fit all Venus razor handles.  This is pretty cool info.

 Okay I have to be honest here.  I don't use razors to shave my legs.  I hate how razors give me ingrown hairs and I don't know why but it is such a hassle for me to keep a razor.  I've only recently started to consistently shave my legs (I know I know gross).  And I don't use razors, I use my electric shaver.  I love that thing to bits.  But every once in a while when I want silky smooth legs I will use a razor.  I tried both blades out.  I actually really loved the Venus and Olay razor.  As you may know already I'm super lazy and the thought of having to use shaving cream and a razor just tires me.  With the Venus and Olay razor the conditioning strip is so thick and massive I feel in my head that I don't need shaving cream!  Woo hoo!  Win!!!  I don't think that is the purpose, but it is what I feel.   So while I don't use razors often I will definitely keep my handle and just pick out any new razor blades in the future when I want my silky smooth legs!

Next was the chocolate, Ghiradelli Sea Salt Escape.  Now you know that I attacked that first.  My picture is actually of the empty box.  I loved this.  The sea salt was not overwhelming at all, actually it was a little underwhelming, I could have used a touch more salt.  And paired with Ghiradelli milk chocolate?  What could be better?  It was a win!

Then I got two Pilot FriXion pens, one in red and one in black.   I think these items baffled me the most.  I had no idea why I would care about pens.  I actually did not like the pens.  They weren't pigmented enough for me.  But after I lost the pens I realized why they weren't pigmented and now I want to find them so badly.  They are erasable pens!  (But there is no eraser included so why would I think that?)  And they erase just by using FriXion!  Oh man, now these pens seems so cool. I guess I need to thoroughly read my info card next time.  Doh!  

 Here are some doodles.  Don't mind my misspelling of doodle.  Sigh...

Last but not least I got a small Forever Red perfume from Bath and Body Works.  I tend to like light and floral scents.  So this was not a scent I gravitate too, but it wasn't bad. I don't even know how to describe this sort of scent.  But the bottle looks very sexy and that is exactly how it smells.  I love that it is a good sized bottle, and I will keep it in my perfume collection to wear when I wanna feel sexy.  ;)

Well, that is all for my first post dedicated to Influenster!  I hope I have more posts soon to come!