Friday, December 28, 2012

Mentality Holo

Quick blog post about a nail polish I just received.  I have been wanting a linear holographic polish for soooo long.  (I think linear holographic polish means that the rainbow reflection creates somewhat of a line in the polish).  *Edit - Don't think this is linear, man I thought I read that it was.  Okay only since I started obsessing over nails, so like since May of this year.  Since following all these amazing nail blogs I have discovered indie polishes.  Many indie polishes are available on the website Etsy.  While browsing nail polishes on Etsy I stumbled across the Mentality Holo a holographic topcoat, which turns any polish into a holo polish!  While this is not the first holographic topcoat I've come across with the indie labels, the price grabbed my attention.  $6.75 shipped!  Most of the polishes I've seen have been at least $8 and no way is shipping included.  (Okay I also did find Jade polish for only $7, but shipping is not included.  That line looks amazeballs though.  According to the Mentality facebook page this price is not going to last and will go up in a couple days, so I'm guess at the start of the New Year.  I'm just excited that I got a bottle.  It is my first linear holographic polish and to me it looks amazing.

Wish I had mad swatching skills...

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