Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not Nails: Phone Scam Warning

I don't usually answer my house phone because even though I registered it with the I still get 99% spam calls.  My daughter answered it and handed over the phone to me because the person on the other line asked to speak to her mother.  This guy sounded like he was from India.  The phone connection was not good.  After I spoke I would hear my voice speak again like a second later.  That was very annoying.  He stated that he was calling regarding my "windows computer" and that it has been hacked and doing illegal activity.  I was thinking, what the hell?   Then he stated that he needs me to get into my computer to stop it.  I was like which computer because I have 5 windows computer.  Then he asked, "How is that possible, Ma'am?"   Okay dude, now I know you are doing something suspicious.  I ask what company he is with.  He wouldn't respond for a while.  Then I ask if he is an employee of Microsoft Corporation.  He finally stated that yes he is an employee for Microsoft Computers.  Not quite the same.  Then I tell him I don't believe him and hung up.  He was quite pushy.

I know 99% of you would totally have hung up on the guy.  But just in case I wanted to warn people.  If he couldn't tell me which computer then I'm sure he was not really tracking my computer.  Now if he gave specific details like the make and model of my computer then I would have been a little weirded out.  But I know this was some sort of sick scam.  Boo to crappy people.  And I googled it and other people have experienced the same phone call.  Never answering that damn phone again!

Apparently this has been going on for a while.  This is what I found on, click here.