Monday, September 23, 2013

Bliss Polish: Behind Closed Doors Collection

I can't believe Yvette is already launching a new collection!!  She is really pumping them out and I love it!  I'm lucky and proud to be one of her Bliss Babes who gets to swatch her amazing polishes!  Her new collection is called Behind Closed Doors and has some fun names to go with the collection.  :)

Let's get to it!  I have a lot of pics.  This collection all has a suede finish.  It seems that once I put top coat on the polishes my camera freaked out and photographed them all a little brighter, some more than other.  I added a note on those photos that aren't color accurate.

First up is Spank!  Oooh sounds naughty already.  This is a really nice nude color with gold and holographic shimmer.  I love a good nude, and this one is gorgeous!

Spank with sude finish.
Spank with glossy top coat.  Photographed brighter than IRL.
Spank macro shot.  I used a different camera for the macro.  This is more color accurate.
Next is Bite!  This is described as a dark russet red this also has micro holographic glitters.

Bite with suede finish.
Bite with glossy top coat.  This photographed a little brighter than it is.
 The top and bottom photos are more color accurate.
Bite macro shot.

Next we have Tease.  Tease is described as a hunter green with micro holographic glitters.

Tease with suede finish.
Tease with glossy top coat.  Photographed brighter than in IRL.
Tease macro.
Next up is Lick.  Lick is a shimmery deep royal blue with micro holographic glitters.  Wow!
Lick with suede finish.
Lick with glossy finish.
Lick macro shot.
Next we have Please.  My favorite of the collection!  I squee when I see the swatches.  This is a shimmery deep plum with micro holographic glitters.  I love this because you can see a mix of purple and blue shimmer in the polish as you wear it!  

Please with suede finish.
Please with glossy top coat.  See the blue and purple sparkles?  Yummy!
Please macro shot.  
Last but not least we have Cuffed.  This is a grey polish with micro holographic glitters.  This is not available for purchase alone.  If you purchase the complete set of the Behind Closed Doors collection this beauty will be included as a bonus!

Cuffed with suede finish.
Cuffed with glossy top coat.  Photographed brighter than IRL.

Cuffed macro shot.  Color accurate.
What do you think of the Behind Closed Doors collection?  I love them all.  There is honestly not one color I didn't like.  They all looked beautiful.  But hands down my favorite is Please and then Lick.  They are absolutely stunning!  If you'd like more information on how to get your hands on this collection please follow Bliss Polish on Instagram.   And check out her store here.  There are still some polishes from previous collections like The Breaking Bad Collection still available!

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  1. Your swatches of this collection make me want the whole thing!!!