Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joining the Cult, My 1st Cult Nails Order!

So I've been following Cult Nails (an indie nail polish brand), which can be purchased here, for a while and recently saw they were raising prices this year!  I've been dying to get my hands on their fast dry top coat, Wicked Fast because I heard so many good things about it from.  So I caved and finally put in my order for the top and base coat and threw in their glass nail file.  Their shipping was pretty fast.  I believe I got my stuff within a week.

I don't know why I wanted to post about this order, but I really liked the packaging that it came in.  Their shipping rate was $5 per order.  Not too bad especially since it is packaged so nicely, but for nail polish yikes!  That made the $8 nail polish into a $13 nail polish.  So I ordered a few things to make it seem not bad.  What I got was really kind of cool.

Pretty tissue paper, it reminded me of the GlossyBox I received.

Look at how cute everything is all wrapped.  There are the infamous "burritos".  And cotton balls are used as padding so you can reuse them for nail polish removal.
Closer look at the "burritos.  Get it On is the base coat and Wicked Fast is the top coat.

Out of the wrappers!  What I've been waiting for for months!

The glass nail file came in a cute albeit cheap case.  Wish it had some foam inside so the nail file couldn't move around in it.  

Here is the nail file.  Pretty pricey @ $15, but I heard good things about this nail file.  I was expecting more from it.  It is a really fine grit nail file.  It barely feels like it is filing anything down. 

I haven't really fully used anything yet.  I did use the base and top coat on my current mani, but I'm kind of testing it right now.  The nail file seems to have two different grades on it.  It is really fine toward the tip and  toward the bottom, while not at all a rough grit, is a bit rougher.  That is kind of neat.  If I fall in love with the top coat, I will be posting again!

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  1. I felt the same when I got a similar file. I still had to go back in with my paper file. I felt like I was filing forever with nothing happening.