Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ross Haul

I love me some Ross!  So many of my friends say that it is so hard to shop there.  They are nutz!  It is just as hard to shop at the department stores or other clothes shops.  Sure you can see the clothes on display, but you get disappointed when your size isn't there.  At Ross you go straight to your size.  You don't have time to get disappointed!  I can't shop anywhere else besides Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Anyways, who knew this was a great place to get nail polish?  I certainly didn't until I started reading all these blogs.  I would hardly ever go to the cosmetics section of the Ross.  Now I hound that place every time I go in!

This is what I got a couple nights ago.  So excited!
Color Club 7pc set  $7.99.

JLB 7pc set $5.99
One thing to be careful of is check to make sure your set has not been tampered with.  Essentially just make sure you don't see the same colors in the packs.  I've seen that happen.  :(  People are so mean sometimes.

I'm excited about my Color Club set.  I've heard of people getting really cool sets, and every time I go I'm disappointed with the Color Club sets that they have, but this time it was pretty cool.  The set says Take a Walk on the Wild Side, but I think I've heard that the name of the sets in Ross are different than the actual sets that were released.  And the names on the packaging is wrong too.   Oh well, these polishes are usually $8 a pop on the Color Club website.  

The JLB nail polish appears to be a cheapie polish, but they looked so beautiful and the bottles were cute too.  I was pretty impressed.  I used one as a manicure the other day and it was so pretty!  The formula was really weird though.  It didn't spread on the nail at all almost like it dried instantly on the nail as you put it on.  But it wasn't dry.  However, the pigmentation was so awesome that it was a one coater!  I did a couple coats on some nails, only because I was thrown by how weird the formula was.  This might be a really good stamping polish.  Will try that out next!

Have you found any treasures at Ross?

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