Monday, January 7, 2013

Jindie Nails Stompin' Gilbert Grape

So at first I wouldn't touch an indie polish because I could not figure out why I would spend about $10 a bottle for polish (many indies offer mini sizes for approx half price!).  Now that I crossed that line I can't seem to go back.  And I figure I'm helping the small businesses of America right from my own home!  Right? Also they make polishes that are just so unique and to die for!

Tonight I got my order from Jindie Nails.  I followed Jindie Nails on Facebook because I fell in love with one of their polishes called Candyland.  At the time I just thought I would dream about buying an indie polish so I tortured myself by following all these indie brands.  Then sometime in December I gave in and all hell broke loose and I got tons of indie polishes.  Jindie Nails was closed at this time due to their overwhelming response for the Christmas season.  This made me want it more.  Then they posted that they were reopening sometime after Christmas.  As soon as I saw that I jetted over and got Candyland and a couple others.  One being called Stompin' Gilbert Grapes.  I'm being long winded.  Anyhow, I was so excited about this brand that I had to put it on tonight! So here are my pics.

Here is a shot of the bottle.  Bad lighting.  I apologize.  I got the mini size.

Okay when I first put it on I was disappointed for some reason.  The lighting was probably off in my closet, but now look at that!  So beautiful!  I love the colors.

I'm seriously loving it more and more each second.

Here is a close up.  My fingers look terribly dry.  :(

What do you think?  Is it as lovely as I think?