Saturday, January 26, 2013

KBShimmer: Hex Appeal

I have another one of my Christmas presents to show!  It is from KBShimmer and it's called Hex Appeal.  Here is a description from their website, "A navy jelly base with magenta holographic, silver, and blue hex glitter. Tiny micro bar glitter adds a bit of pop."

Here I used 4 coats.  It seems like a a lot, well, actually it is a lot, but I liked the look with 4 coats.  After 3 I could still see some slight bald spots in the direct light.  Next time I might use a base color because 4 coats seems like a lot now, Revlon's Royal might be a good choice.  This polish was pretty easy to apply.  It looks really patchy and uneven with the first couple of coats, but it looked really good after 3 or 4.  Glitters applied really easily because this polish is so dense with glitters.  I just love a jelly based glitter bomb!

KBShimmer Hex Appeal

Bottle Shot


*Update:  I used a matte top coat on Hex Appeal and I loves it!
Hex Appeal with NYC Matte Me Crazy on top.

What do you think?  Do you like the glossy or matte look?


  1. Love this and I think I prefer it matte!

    1. I'm loving all things matte these days!

  2. Oh wow I love that color! I think it would look great with a mix of matt and gloss on each nail.

    1. It is really stunning on the nail either way! :)