Sunday, January 20, 2013

Influenster: Ultra Palmolive Fresh Infusions

I received another package from Influenster a couple weeks back.  When they first contacted me and said they were going to send some sort of dish soap, I was like "why because I'm a mom?"  But then I got over it pretty quick, because let's face it I am a mom and I use a ton of dish soap.  I'm not much of a dish washer detergent gal.  Takes too long and I have too many dishes!

I was really surprised at how large the box that came was.   I thought that they were going to give me the $.99 store size Palmolive.  I was really excited at this point!  Look at what I received!

What I received in my box!  3 full size bottles of the Palmolive Fresh Infusions!
Scents:  Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil, Ginger White Tea
So of course I had to try them immediately.  Now I don't know how people normally wash dishes, but I just add some dish soap to my sponge and wash.  But when I see commercials I see people fill up their sink with soap and water and soak their dishes.  So I decided to try to wash my dishes that way.  First I did a load with my go to dish soap, Dawn (the blue one), and then I did a load with Palmolive.  The Palmolive, while it says concentrated, did seem a little thinner than my Dawn.  But it cleaned just as well as my Dawn, no greasy dishes left.  That was a plus.  

While I love the concept of a luxury scented dish soap, I didn't think that most of these really were quite scented enough for me.  I think the best one was the Lime Basil.  It had the strongest scent and it was a nice citrusy scent.  The Lemon Thyme to me smelled like regular dish soap, which isn't bad, just not that special.  It reminded me of a dish soap that my grandmother always used, Sun.  The one I had the most hope for was Ginger White Tea.  Doesn't that sound  fancy?  While it did smell the best to me, it wasn't very strong.  I want my whole kitchen to smell!!!  

The price for these dish soaps on is 2.96 per bottle.  So for the price I think that these are fantastic dish soaps!  It cleans well and the scents are very nice, just not that strong.  I would totally buy these again, when I want to feel a little fancy with my dishes.  ;)

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