Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Tree Nail Art

Merry Christmas Eve!!  I was planning to do more Christmas themed nail art, but shoot time escaped me.  I did these last week and posted them on Instagram.  I had the idea of using Sharpie pens as nail art pens because I remember seeing them on Pinterest so many times before.  I am not an artist, so I wanted to do the simplest design.  I drew what fellow Instagramer @reinovate called a "minimalist Christmas tree" on my accent nail and stuck a star glitter on top.  I also dubbed it the "Christmas poop tree".  Because my tree looks like a cartoony pile of poop.  I still think it looks pretty cool.  Sharpies are great for a quick nail art doodle, but if you plan on keeping your mani on for a while the ink seemed to fade as the days went on.  I used like 3 coats of top coat so I think the chemicals in nail polish disintegrates the ink.

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas Poop Tree!


  1. I love it! To me it says abstract Christmas tree!!