Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Twin Nails! Sinful Colors Rise & Shine

So as an official polish addict I'm always on the look out for nail polish.  Every time I go to Target or Walmart I have to stop by the nail section.  Last week I saw some Sinful Colors at Wal-Mart that caught my attention.  I almost put one back, but when I looked at the name I knew I had to get it!!  Rise & Shine.  I had to get it because it is the name of my friend Aneela's blog!  She is the operator of Rise and Shine Beauty.  I immediately tweeted her a picture of the polish and she insisted she get one too!  How fun!  So we decided to wear it and post on our blogs on the same day!

Rise & Shine is a really pretty teal polish with a slight blue shimmer.  The reason why I almost didn't get it was because it was so similar to a polish that I just bought, Essie's Naughty Nautical.  Totally not a dupe, but with my bad camera skills they almost look the same.  Naughty Nautical is a bit more mintier (if that is an counts as a description) or slightly lighter and bluer in color.  Both have a slight shimmer.  

L:  Essie's Naughy Nautical  R: Sinful Colors Rise & Shine
Here is my swatch of Rise & Shine!    

Sorry I have so much glare from my lamp.  I don't know how people take such beautiful indoor shots of their manis!  Please please check out Aneela's swatch here!  She is also in the middle of running her blog sale and there are some great deals!  So check her out!!


  1. Don't you just love the subtle shimmer in it?! It looks beautiful on you! I hate my camera cuz it doesn't capture blues well- your pics are spot on! This was fun- we should do it again! :) xoxo

    1. I love the shimmer! It's what caught my eye! Yes we should definitely do this again! :)