Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shimmer Polish: Karen

I'm so excited about showing you all this!  Recently Shimmer Polish was having a major giveaway on her Facebook page where everyone who was a fan was eligible for a prize!  She had 40 winners and my blog was one of them!  I was soooooo excited!  I always see Shimmer Polishes on blogs and everyone raves about the awesome formula and complexity of the polishes.  I don't know why but she took pity on me and  sent me 5 polishes because she said my blog was cute!   What?  Ahhhh!  I'll love her forever now.  :)  Since I'm not a swatching queen I'm going to show these one at a time as I use them in my mani. 

Today I have on Karen!  I used Sinful Colors' Starfish polish as a base.  I always wished I had a Shimmer Polish when I think of doing a glitter gradient.  It seems like the most perfect polish for it and it is!  So, the first thing I did with my Shimmer mani was attempt to do a reverse glitter gradient on all the nails except for my accent nail which is 2.5-3 coats of Karen on it's own.  It was a noble attempt, but not perfect, you can see how I didn't seem to get the glitter all the way to base of my nail.  I am loving this mani because Karen is sooooooo sparkly and glittery (never had a glitter polish with this much sparkle!) the girly girl in me is just all giddy over this polish! Thank you so much Cindy!  Can't wait to try the others!

In the shade outside.  The pink base is more color accurate here.
Under my lamp with a daylight bulb.  
You can buy Shimmer Polishes here or on Etsy!

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