Friday, February 15, 2013

KBShimmer's Oh Splat!

Hello again!  I'm actually pretty bummed tonight.  I wanted to apply to a seemingly amazing job opportunity in the city which I reside and apparently when they say the deadline is February 15, they mean you have to submit the application before that.  Not anytime that day.  :*(  I'm a chronic procrastinator, however, I did do almost my whole resume on Tuesday, but I have not applied for a job in such a long time that wanted to research how to write a cover letter and didn't get a chance too.  So since it was almost the end of the 15th I was just going to submit what I had, and I missed it!  I'm actually crying right now.  I don't hate my current job really.  I just hate that I work so far, and I hate that I'm stressed, and I hate that I don't feel like I'm good at my job.  This all just snowballs and my kids suffer.  Ugh!  Love them so much, but man can they bug when I'm moody and grumpy from work.

Anyways, enough of my whining.   Why yes, I will have some cheese with my whine!

I wanted to showcase my first indie crush.  KBShimmer's Oh Splat!  This is the first indie polish that I really really really wanted.  I'm so happy to have it in my collection.  And it is actually the first time I'm wearing it.  It is so fun to wear!

Application is the same as most of these milky glitters.  The polish is a bit gooey and while there is no fishing for glitters with this polish, you probably have to strategize (is this a word?  My spell check says not) where you want the glitters and maneuver the brush to place the glitters.  I used three coats in the pictures below.  There was one curling glitter you can kind of see it on my pointer finger.  But it was only one and it was hardly noticeable after my coat of Gelous and Wicked Fast.

This looks like candy on my nails!  I want to eat them.

Isn't this polish so awesome?  Sorry for my dry hands and cuticles.  

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