Monday, March 24, 2014

KBShimmer It's Razz-ical

I can't sleep!  And I haven't posted in forever!  Here is my first post with my new blog name!  I recently made an order from KBShimmer.  I have had a KBShimmer gift card for $50 since Christmas!  I can't believe it has taken me so long to order!  I use way too many exclamation marks!!!

Anyways I noticed a lot of KBShimmers that I wanted are now discontinued and no longer available for purchase on their site and it made me go into panic mode and I bought a bunch of older polishes that I had been eyeing for a while.  And I know I had been eye It's Razz-ical for a long while and it looks so me.  This is a me polish for sure.  It is a purpley pink jelly polish with holographic glitters.  The color appears lighter in my picture in real life it is a tad deeper and more purpley (yes that is a description).

KBShimmer It's Razz-ical

Isn't she gorgeous?  I absolutely love this polish.  It is going on my imaginary favorite list.  

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